New Patient Information

Thanks for your interest in the Pain Relief Center. If you are interested in becoming a patient, you may proceed and book a session(s) using the “Book Now” button on the right hands sidebar. While not required, you can drop me an email from the link on the right hand side bar of this page. Please include your name, health insurance, and best contact email address. As the requirements of the various insurance plans vary widely, you may need to have a current prescription for physical therapy from your physician, dentist, or podiatrist prior to beginning therapy. If you have questions, please contact us.

Additional information is included on the New Patient History Forms, which also include a map/directions, fee schedules, cancellation policies, etc. You can download the forms by clicking the black button on the top right sidebar.

Scheduling Appointments Online

At the Pain Relief Center, I use Genbook to allow you to book and manage your appointments at your convenience. If you are using Genbook to book appointments, please note that you can set up account, which will allow you to manage/cancel existing appointments or schedule new ones without re-entering all of your information each time. Start by clicking the clicking the “Book Now” button on the right hand side bar of this page. This will take you to a page where you can choose an appointment type, such as “Insurance Based Follow-up”. In the upper right hand corner you will see “Manage an existing appointment” tab. Click this and you will be taken to another page. Look for the “My Account” tab on the top. Click this and you will be able to set up an account.

Payment and Insurance Guidelines

The Pain Relief Center accepts Aetna, Independent Health, POMCO, No-Fault (Motor Vehicle) and Medicare as In-Network insurance. All other insurances would be considered Out-of-Network (OON). In-Network (IN) coverage allows you to pay a co-pay or co-insurance, after any appropriate deductible, and your insurer pays the rest directly to the provider (the Pain Relief Center). If we do not accept your insurance (all Excellus/BCBS plans, Cigna, United Health, etc.), you may receive reimbursement for some of the session fees if your policy covers OON physical therapy. We do not accept Medicaid or Workman’s Compensation insurance. While you can contact your insurer directly, we are able to do this for you by supplying your policy information. If a prior authorization is needed we will obtain it for you.

The private pay rate for sessions at the Pain Relief Center is $65/25 minute session or $130/50 minute session. When assessing out of pocket costs, please remember that during each session you will have the undivided attention of Walt Fritz, PT during the entire session time. Unlike traditional physical therapy, where most patients exercise on their own with occasional supervision from the physical therapist, therapy at the Pain Relief Center focuses directly on the tightness in the body that is contributing to your pain or movement dysfunction. Unlike massage, where the protocols dictate the entire body be addressed, at the Pain Relief Center only the specific areas of concern will be addressed in a focused, medical approach.

A few things to understand: there is often an OON deductible which must be met before you receive money back for your session fees. At time this deductible is a separate one from your In-Network deductible. It is best to call your insurer directly to ask if this applies. OON physical therapy is charged at the private pay rate of $65/25 minute session or $130/50 minute session. Please understand that your insurer will reimburse you based on their maximum daily rate for physical therapy reimbursement. For some insurers this is $65. So, if your OON coverage is 80%, you would be eligible for 80% of $65, even if you paid the 50 minute session rate. This reimbursement disparity is the primary reason why the Pain Relief Center does not accept all insurances as an In-Network provider.

Out-of Network Coverage for Physical Therapy: For patients whose health insurance we do not accept, if your health insurance allows you to submit bills to them for reimbursement or allow you to see an out of network physical therapist, you may receive reimbursement for our fees. We will provide you with the necessary documentation in the form of receipts and progress notes to assist you in receiving reimbursement from your health insurance company. You will be responsible for submitting all receipts to your insurer. Due to the complex nature of insurance claims and reimbursement, we make no promises as to whether you will receive reimbursement. We recommend that you call your health insurer and ask if you have coverage for Out of Network Physical Therapy. They should reply with either a “yes” or “no”. If yes, ask what the coverage entails. A typical response would be “You have a $250 deductible and then you are covered for 75% of expenses after the deductible is met”. If in doubt, please contact us for more questions regarding your specific insurance.

Payment for all treatment may be made by HSA cards, Flex-Spending cards, credit/debit cards, check, or cash.

Please email or call us for further details.


Walt Fritz, PT.