Why Didn’t My Physician Recommend Myofascial Release?

This is a common question I get from clients: How could something that helped them so much go unnoticed by their doctor? From your physician’s standpoint, I truly believe that they are inundated with “miracle cures” on a daily basis. From pharmaceutical representatives selling the newest medication, the dozens of medical journals they receive each month, as well as practitioners doing the “bagel delivery” to try to woo referrals their way, it is difficult for your doctor to keep up. It is my belief that when they send you to physical therapy, massage therapy, etc, they are assuming that you will be receiving whatever treatments are best suited for your recovery. When you return with stories of great success (or lack of it), they simply chalk it up to your condition, paying little attention to the modality that was used by the practitioner. This is not to give physicians a pass in determining what might best help you. Many have discovered that Myofascial Release, when performed by a highly trained practitioner, can produce dramatic results.

Another point of contention is the belief that there is a lack of research supporting Myofascial Release as a viable therapeutic modality. On my website, www.myofascialresource.com, I have posted over 50 citations from juried research journals and publications, showing the effectiveness of Myofascial Release. Core research on the primary effect of Myofascial Release is somewhat lacking, which is unfortunate. But, research does exist. Glance through a few of the articles on my website to see for yourself.

Many Myofascial Release practitioners have chosen not to participate in the HMO-style of financial reimbursement. This is another reason why your physician may be reluctant to refer you to a Myofascial Release practitioner. Myofascial Release treatment requires intensive one-on-one direct contact with you. Today’s HMO system makes this type of quality care very difficult, as reimbursement rates are quite low for therapy services. To those of you who have experienced physical therapy in a busy outpatient setting, you are well aware of how little time your therapist spends with you. Many, many health insurance policies do allow you to see whatever practitioner you choose and will provide reimbursement. Also, the choice to go “out-of-network” remains for everyone, especially if the quality care that you need and deserve is not available within the network of approved providers. I strongly encourage potential clients to check with their health insurance provider to see what options are available to them. Most clients who undertake a regime of Myofascial Release treatment find the financial outlay is well worth the results.

Part of the awareness that physicians must have can come from you, the recipient of Myofascial Release. Make them aware of your results. Remind them of all of the other things you have tried with limited results. Encourage them to check out the research on my website. Max Planck, considered to be the founder of quantum physics, made a cynical observation that “science advances funeral by funeral.” It takes time for new ideas to emerge and be embraced by all. We can all be a part of this change.

Copyright 2008 Walt Fritz, PT